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GCS Firefighter Merchandise





GCS Firefighters Merchandise

Firefighters Merchandise … by Firefighters, for Everyone!

  • Gold Fireflex® Duffle Bag

    If you have a custom logo you'd like embroidered on a bag, please use the form HERE to give us the details. 50L capacity 27"" H x 14"" W x 14"" D  
  • Fireflex Class A Uniform Bag

    Looking for a durable, protective option for storing your second set of gear? We have you covered. The Fireflex Class A Uniform Bag provide a travel bag for your entire class A uniform and all additional accessories you need to bring with you. Jacket, pants, hat, gloves, shoes…the first safe and durable way to store or travel with your whole class A uniform in style.
  • Fireflex Name Panel

    The Fireflex name panel provides you the options to have a second or third custom name panel that allows you to exchange the name panel on you bag if wanted. We know firefighters sometimes work at both career and volunteer departments, the Fireflex name panel allows you to adapt your back depending where you are going.
  • 2nd Set PPE Inventory Bag

    Looking for a durable, protective option for storing your second set of gear? We have you covered. The Fireflex 2nd set PPE inventory bag has options to fit one bunker coat, one bunker pant, a set of gloves and a hood. It’s separable into two bags case you want to take only your pant or coat and leave the other in the storage room or your gear locker. The bag has durable webbing and buckles which attached the coat and pant bags together and is reinforced throughout assuring the bag will last. The bag system has backpack straps making it easy to carry your set of gear if you are swinging stations or attending outside training. Plastic name sleeves are installed on the flap of each bag allowing you to use these bags for inventory in the stock room or PPE warehouse and easy label your gear for efficient tracking. The flaps of each bag also have reinforced eyelets allowing each bag to be secured with security ties indicating that gear has not been tampered with after its last cleaning and inspections. The 2nd set PPE bag is the only one of its kind and is the perfect option for securely storing your second set and keeping it protected.
  • Fireflex® Backpack (Gold)

    The Fireflex backpack is well–suited for any excursion with sturdy hardware attachments and abrasion–resistant fabric. Specialized pockets inside and out keep gear stored securely and separately, including a padded laptop sleeve that accommodates most 15” devices. This durable Fireflex backpack is made of durable Fireflex ripstop polyester/PVC fabric for long-lasting advertising. Keep electronics, daily essentials and other valuables separate and protected in any conditions. The large main zippered compartment features a padded panel that can hold most 15" laptops. Side zip pockets provide quick-access storage for your keys, cellphone and other small items. Features an adjustable waist strap for additional support. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps and padded back panel provide support when carrying heavy loads. Size: 20" x 16" x 8”.